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Skin Rejuvenation

Why you should choose skin rejuvenation with SharpLight at Paradise Salon & Spa?

  • Visible results from the first treatment

  • Fast, effective and completely non-invasive treatment

  • “Lunchtime” procedure

  • Safe on a variety of skin types



Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What does the treatment feel like?


A. Each technology feels a bit different, but all are comfortable. The DPC emits light pulses and some

patients experience slight and momentary stinging sensations. The Infrared pulses of the VermaDerm

technology penetrate deeper within the skin and you feel your skin warming up. Similarly, the RF feels like a warm massage and is very relaxing.

Q. When will I see results?


A.You will see visible results after the very first treatment. Your skin will feel tighter and smoother. In order to achieve long-term results, it is recommended to undergo several treatments.


Q. How many treatments will I need?


A. Typically a treatment regimen consists of 4-6 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart. The number of

treatments depends on your skin type and the condition that is being treated. The average treatment takes about half an hour.


Q. Is the treatment safe?


A. The treatment is very safe, and clinical trials as well as extensive clinical experience have confirmed its safety and effectiveness!

Clinical experience has shown that more effectiveresults are achieved by combining several technologies. Using SharpLight’s solutions, three powerful non-invasive technologies are used:

- Dynamic Pulse Control TM (DPC), VermaDerm InfraRed (IR) and Radio Frequency (RF).

Treats wrinkles, fine lines, photodamage, uneven skin tone, lax skin, textural damage, scars and more!

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